The warranty period is made according to the local consumer law. At least a period of 12 months from the date of purchase, In case of product quality problems by the authorized service center.


Limited Warranty Period


ProductPart typeWarranty period
 Whole machine warrantyOne year
Main parts warrantyElectric motor Three years
Accessories warrantyBattery, virtual wall, charging base and main body of water tankSix months
ConsumablesMop, side brush, primary filter and Hepa, etc.No warranty


What is not covered?


1. The whole machine or parts had already been out of free repair period.

2. Warranty card is altered, serial number does not comply with the product number, or the product has no serial number.

3. Without valid warranty card or valid invoice (excluding the situations that the product is proved within the valid period of Three Guarantees).

4. Fault or damage caused by failing to follow specification instructions / mistakenly / improperly using, keeping, maintaining, servicing or operating the product.

5. Fault or damage due to work environments beyond stipulated ones, etc. (e.g. used for cleaning non-household wastes like lime, sand and dust, etc., used for cleaning decoration, ornament and commercial environment, used for cleaning environment with specific adsorption of chemical and metal micro-particles, etc., work environment temperature is extremely high or low, extremely damp or dry, altitude is extremely high, abnormal physical pressure, electromagnet interference, instable power supply, electrostatic interference, neutral ground voltage is extremely large, or voltage input is unsuitable, etc.)

6. Fault or damage caused by maintenance, alteration, addition or disassembly by non-authorized organization or personnel of WOTN robot vacuum cleaners.

7. Fault or damage caused by using parts not provided by the factory (see Packing List)

8. Fault or damage caused by chance factor or man-made causes (including incorrect operation, ingress of liquids, scratch, handling, knocking, incorrect plug and unplug, unsuitable voltage input, foreign matter falling into, and rats and pets trouble, etc.)

9. Fault or damage caused by natural disasters and other force majeure (e.g. earthquakes, fires and lightning strikes, etc.)

10. Normal and reasonable consumption or damage (e.g. natural consumption, abrasion and deterioration of outer shell and plug-in parts)

11. Product upgrade service.

12. Fault and damage caused by problems other than quality issues of WOTN robot vacuum cleaners (including parts)


Service Center


For customer support, please contact our Local Service Partner: 


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